Andrew McCarthy is a famous photographer for capturing stunning astrophotography images directly from the backyard of his, in Sacramento in California. Another two photos which make your jaw drop have been added by him in his portfolio which has shown crystal clear views of the International Space Station or the ISS crossing the Sun and Moon.

Taking such a clear photograph of the ISS crossing the Sun and the Moon is not an easy job since the ISS whizzes go across them in less than a second.

Capturing the ISS transit the Sun, was first managed by McCarthy on Tuesday, 6th October.

“This shot was captured simultaneously with two scopes, one with a white light filter for ISS details and one with a hydrogen-alpha solar telescope for surface details,” McCarthy states. “By blending the images together I get a crisp, detailed snapshot of the transit.”

This is a closer image which covers the transit of the Sun by the ISS.

McCarthy was able to capture the ISS crossing the face of the Moon on the following week: on 14th October.

“After spending hours scouting for the right location, I set up my gear on the side of a road hoping to capture something I’ve never seen before. The ISS, illuminated by daylight, transiting a razor-thin crescent moon,” McCarthy explains. “Something about the way the illuminated ISS straddles the crescent gives it a sense of depth lacking in my previous transit shots.

“This was captured by recording high frame rate video during the pass, and stitching together a full mosaic of the moon after the pass was completed, which was then blended with shots captured before the sun rose to get the ‘Earthshine’ you see on the dark side of the moon.”

A closer look at McCarthy’s photo of the ISS transiting the Moon.

Search his Instagram if you’re more interested in finding some more work of McCarthy. You can also purchase fine art prints of his work and get the other perks that consist of written explanations on how the photos were taken by helping him through Patreon.

Update: Even though the title directly suggests that both these images were captured from the backyard of McCarthy’s residence, the photo of the Moon was actually taken from a street.

Image credits: Photographs by Andrew McCarthy