The unbreakable strong relationship between dogs and their owners have become so strong that no other bond has ever been able to resemble it. These similarities between both of these creatures exist in subtle undeniable ways. The signs of these similarities may be soulful expressions, a little grin or else through flowing locks. However, the photographer Gerrard Gethings paid his attention on highlighting these “doggelgängers” in his ideal collection of images.

Sharing of resemblance between a bonded dog and a human has also been discussed scientifically. One of the psychologists at the University of California, San Diego, Michael Roy was the first one to examine this significant subject. He had to snap the pictures of the puppies and their owners separately while walking through the dog parks. He then has asked another group of participants to match the similarities between both. Roy was the first one to notice that his companions were able to suss out the pairings with “reasonable accuracy.” However, these investigations had been done continuously. Among them is the study which was done by Sadahiko Nakajima from Kwansei Gakuin University in Japan. Nakajima was able to find that 80% of participants could correctly point out the dog/owner pairs.

Try to make your own version of this study—sort of. Gethings’ interesting pictures are part of a memory card game aptly known as Do You Look Like Your Dog? The card game features 50 cards and it challenges you to match the 25 humans with their doggo friend all while enjoying Gethings’ fun photography. This amazing boxed game was recently released through Laurence King Publishing. You are now able to get it through their website.

Gerrard Gethings captured these amazing portraits for the memory card game Do You Look Like Your Dog? It’s now available on their website.

Have you ever wondered to match a pup with its owner based on their appearance?

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