See how relaxed it is 😍

Yes of course, you’ve seen many birds flying in the sky. But some of them seem to be walking on air. Perhaps, quite like this one!

Karen Munro, a professional photographer was on a wildlife cruise around the small island of Stroma, off the coast of Scotland recently. Fortunately, there she found something special. She got a chance to encounter the happiest seabird in the world. It was a charming fulmar.

Munro didn’t realize that she had met that kind of a significant photo of a bird bliss for some time.

“On arrival home I was going through my photos, most of which weren’t anything special as the light had been pretty poor that day,” Munro told The Dodo. “However I did have a laugh as soon as I saw this one, as the fulmar looks like he is smiling and having fun.”

Oh my goodness! It was suspected that this fulmar was in a state of euphoria. Or else maybe it is posing for an advertisement for a fancy bird shampoo.

Although Munnro added some context to the pose of the bird, yet the bird appears to be pretty darn pleased. Anyway the bird is still spreading good vibes.

“Fulmars will often glide alongside the boat, but this one had just lifted off the sea and was shaking itself to dry off whilst flying,” said Munro. “It’s always great to capture something different. Over the last few days I have had many people commenting on the ‘Happy Bird Photo’ and how it made them smile.”

Perhaps, the rest of the fulmar friends might have felt less cheerful to see their carefree counterpart in such a happy mood.

Just a bit jealous!