A polka dot baby zebra was seen recently in Kenya. The snapshots of this special zebra baby made the whole internet run wild. What’s more? Guys, we have got a chance to throw away the age old statement that zebras are black animals with white stripes or white animals with black stripes.

This rare baby zebra was spotted and caught on cam by the photographers Rahul Sachdev and Antony Tira in the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

A wildlife specialist named Parmale Lemein from the Matira Bush Camp, stated that it was the first such reported case of a polka dot zebra baby at the Mara Reserve. And also he further said that this baby zebra has probably melanism which is totally the opposite of albinism. Although the birth of this baby is a good news for us to hear, the specialist said that none other similar zebras have survived the past six months with such a condition in African parks.

Scientific studies reveal that the reason for the formation of the zebra stripes is the inhibition in melanin production. This means the zebra is most likely black with white stripes, not the opposite of it.

However, these zebra stripes are not really for the beauty of them. Live Science made an argument that these stripes of them help them stay cool in the African heat. And also some other theories regarding the zebra stripes reveal that zebras get help from them to hide from potential predators. And also these stripes help them to get protected from the flies who transmit diseases by biting them.

Photo credits: Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies AssociationcatersnewsCaters Clips