All of us including doctors, nurses, civilians and the entire population are fed up with the bad effects of the coronavirus which is sweeping across the globe. The areas where the quarantine process is carried out are gradually increasing due to the rise of the amount of infected people. Therefore it’s very hard to have a positive idea about the future of the world. No one has found any solution for the ongoing virus infection. By the way, scientists report one positive change. However it’s not about what you think.

The European Space Agency (ESA), and the hub of independent researchers have found that nitrogen dioxide emissions have gradually decreased in the sky over Italy due to the lockdown caused by the spread of COVID-19. This was detected by the Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite. It found a decrease in NO2 emission and air pollution. This notable change occurred in the northern part of the country.

“The decline in nitrogen dioxide emissions over the Po Valley in northern Italy is particularly evident,” Claus Zehner, ESA’s Copernicus Sentinel-5P mission manager explained. “Although there could be slight variations in the data due to cloud cover and changing weather, we are very confident that the reduction in emissions that we can see, coincides with the lockdown in Italy causing less traffic and industrial activities.”

Scientists and researchers are reporting on an important decrease in the levels of NO2 in the sky above Italy

Image credits: SanGasso

“Copernicus Sentinel-5P Tropomi is the most accurate instrument today that measures air pollution from space. These measurements, globally available thanks to the free and open data policy, provide crucial information for citizens and decision makers,” stated Josef Aschbacher, Director of Earth Observation Programmes of ESA.

The graphs by the agency depict s gradual decrease in NO2 pollution beginning from the 14th of February

Very low NO2 traces found on the 24th of February

Santiago Gassó, a research associate at NASA, used his Twitter account to publish the results of the satellite sensors placed around. He also stated that this change of the NO2 amount above the sky is very important rather than the NO2 fluctuations caused due to many factors such as the air released during the working days.

Another noticeable decrease during March

Image credits: SanGasso

The map depicts the levels of NO2 pollution on the 8th of February, Saturday

Another image showing the pollution levels on Saturday, March 7

The data released by the European Space Agency (ESA) show the same progress in the sky

Have a look at the time-lapse from the video by ESA

Some of the Italian people presented some pictures about the new changes in the environment

Image credits: FolinAlberto

The canals in Venice become clear as crystals due to the reduction of traffic during the quarantine process

Image credits: FolinAlberto

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