The longest nerve in humans is the nervus. An irresistible pain occur starting from the ribs to knees when suffering from this specific disease. A temporary recovery could be gained by resting for some time but it’s still hard to overcome this forever.

Reasons for sciatic nerve pain:

This begins due to a number of reasons. The most common one is the compression given to the nerve root by herniated disc. The other special causes are tightening body parts, spondylolisthesis inflammatory disease and tumors. This pain is also caused due to the pressure from non functioning sacroiliac joint or piriformis muscles. Pregnancy is another main reason for sciatic nerve pain. 

Patients suffering from lower back pain often suffer from neuralgia. People within the age limit of 45 to 64 are often suffering from this pain. Smoking, mental stress and height are the reasons why these people are in danger. The possibility of the risk for people who are engaged in frequent weight lifting and driving is in a high level too.


Following are the typical signs of Neuralgia.

  • Pain running from the feet and toes
  • Unilateral leg pain 
  • Numb feeling in the top parts of the body
  • Hard pain when raising a leg
  • One nerve root affected

Different types of symptoms can be identified according to the origin of the specific scraped nerve.

If you are one of the patients who suffer from this, try to understand what the article is related. 

Today,  we present you a simple natural method to get rid of this sciatic pain in just 10 minutes. Keep in mind to follow the instructions mentioned below.

It’s essential to do treatment during the hours of darkness before you go to bed. 

  • First take 10L of water into a bucket; (the best temperature which is supported by the feet is necessary)
  • Next,  add a couple of salt and 1/2L of apple vinegar;
  • Mix it well;
  • Keep your feet in the bucket until the water gets cooled;
  • When you feel the coldness take your feet out of the container and wrap using a towel, blanket or a sheet;
  • Keep in mind to go straight to bed.

Wear your slippers after waking up the next day don’t move without wearing them : barefoot until you have a shower.

This is the primary treatment for the pain. The pain gets more relieved at this step most of the time. But if you feel the pain again try once or else keep continuing this procedure once every six months.