According to Science, each man has an average count of 6-10 dreams at one night. It’s normal to forget these dreams within a few minutes after waking-up. What if I say that there’s a real meaning to these fantasy dreams which can make them more easy to remember?

Native American tribal groups, Mexican nations along with modern science argue that our brains visit a “parallel universe” when we dive in deep dreams at sleep. They explain the colors and about the sensory organs in our dreams in regard to the concept of parallel universes. Have you ever dreamed of eating your grandma’s signature apple pie per se? Then have you ever sensed the taste and the smell of the pie in your dream? Perhaps you’ve dreamed of riding roller coasters during a dream and felt the fun of climbing up and sliding down.

The Real Science Hidden Inside The Theory Of The Parallel Universes

Mystics believe in places where dreaming happens. They have talked about these places in relation to supernatural beings like spirits and ghosts. However, scientists are trying hard to avoid all questions regarding these unexisting beings since 1920. And in their way to find a perfect place for nuclear particles to host dreams they have understood that the existence of such a place on Earth is impossible at all. Therefore, they moved the argument into a different path and talked about a more confusing field of physics.

The theory of the existence of parallel universes make us wonder about two totally different worlds; the world in which we were born in the world in which we weren’t born. Is it logical to remain between two totally different worlds within a single dimension? Therefore, a necessity of multiple parallel dimensions pops out. Try to wonder about another version of you in another world doing slightly different things than you. Maybe your copy is spending a more comfortable life than you. Perhaps there’s another you who understands the things active in your dreams. Try to develop your argument to win this debate! Are the scientists saying the truth? Or else is it the mystics who say the truth?