While we are all facing a big trouble due to the coronavirus pandemic which is dominating our planet, here is some better news coming out of it. According to the details released by The scientific community, the ozone hole above Antarctica is slowly recovering itself.

This was indicated by the changing speeds of air current at very high altitudes which are known as jet streams. The ozone layer is formed by the collection of the Ozone gas at the Ozonosphere. This is highly important for the protection of the Earth from UV rays of the Sun.

The Montreal Protocol is an international treaty which was established in 1987. The objective of it was to prevent the use of ODSs which harm the protective Ozone layer. Perhaps, you’ve heard about the creation of a huge hole above Antarctica due to the depletion of the Ozone layer. Finally, the journal Nature has revealed highlights in a new study.

According to a main author of NOAA, Antara Banerjee, Montreal Protocol stands as one of the biggest constitutions which led the scientific world into a turning point. The effectiveness of the decisions taken by the protocol can be witnessed by the changes occurring in the air currents at the Southern Hemisphere.

Computer simulations were used to see whether these wind changes occurred due to the fluctuations in nature or else due to the reduction of human activities such as a decrease in industry-released air pollutants or automobiles.

The greatest challenge for the researchers was to prove that all these changes were the results of the recovery of the Ozone layer. They struggled to prove that these sudden incidents were not coincidences. And also the researchers stated the massive shifts in the air currents as another impact of it.

It was accepted that the high emission of CO2 resulted in so many changes in the globe, especially in the two polar regions.

However, most of the scientists believe that this shift in circulation through a pause in Ozone depletion is what scientists have been trying to show out since the past. The real-world observations amidst the corona outbreak were a confirmation to that.

In the past few years, the scientists believed that the bad effects due to the emission of CO2 above limits will only be undone by implementing strict rules.

But, at present, that particular idea has turned upside-down. The corona outbreak has been able to set a halt for this huge destruction which was done to the Earth. It has been able to give the planet a time to breath free.

Source of the information: consciousreminder.com