Conspiracy theorists have been observing the massive interstellar dust clouds throughout the past years. These clouds pass through the solar system according to their own will. This was confirmed by the NASA scientists in December 2009. Most of the scientists were engaged in the research study that was carried out regarding this subject.

These were aptly named the “Local Interstellar Clouds” and one such cloud is expected to pass through our solar system in near future.

The nearest one to the solar system is 30 light-years in its width approximately. It has been made of both helium and hydrogen gas atoms that vibrated off around 6000 degrees Celsius heat.

The most interesting part regarding these clouds is its dust from which it is surrounded. The dust was named “The Fluff” by the scientists and they believe that the surrounding dust is unable to go off due to the magnetized clouds even if it wanted. This very well implies the inability of resistance due to the incredible pressure inside the clouds.

However, the theorists believe these magnetized clouds to be truly magnetized towards the Earth by the pyramids that are attracting earthquakes, solar storms as well as cosmic activity towards them.

Perhaps, the reason for the aliens to build pyramids in the past might have been this particular reason.

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Source of the information: Youtube.