Local governments in most of the countries have taken decisions to close tourist attractions, where the people normally gather in large crowds, in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Popular destinations such as the Great Wall of China and Venetian canals are now deserted.

I’m pretty sure these 18 empty tourist destinations will surprise you. These places have been isolated in the midst of the outbreak.


Credit: Mark Schiefelbein/AP

Forbidden City of Beijing was closed since the Lunar New Year in January.

The Forbidden City is a place where a huge number of people gather, especially during the Lunar New Year holiday. Unfortunately, this year it was closed since January in order to prevent the spread of the virus among the people.


Credit: Greg Baker/AFP via Getty Images

Great Wall of China then was packed up with visitors, but closed now.

The Badaling section is one among the most famous parts in the Great wall to visit. But, now it’s closed.


Credit: Tingshu Wang/Reuters

No entry for guests at the Beijing Zoo.

A banner hung in the ticket office of the zoo says “Stay focused and united, have faith and confidence, with scientific prevention and control, we can beat the epidemic,” according to Reuters.


Credit: Aly Song/Reuters

Disneyland’s gates are locked.

The park announced that they are offering refunds for tickets and hotel reservations and that they hope to extend the expiration dates of annual passes.


Credit: Andrew Testa

Present situation of London, seems like it’s haunted.


Credit: Laetitia Vancon

Munich subway is totally deserted.


Credit: Sergey Ponomarev

Seats of the Opera house in Moscow are empty at rehearsal, and remain still for the online performance.


Credit: Philip Cheung

No changes in the ocean, a barely noticeable beach in Santa Monica, Los Angeles.


Credit: Maria Contreras Coll

Las Ramblas for the Pigeons in Barcelona.


Credit: Alessandro Penso

Totally deserted Spanish steps in Rome.


Credit: Victor J. Blue

The Oculus, a major transit in a city no longer moves. New York.


Credit: Matthew Abbott

A lot of people normally gather to film the sunset at the Opera House in Sydney, Australia.


Credit: Ulet Ifansasti

Only the buildings are guarded at a temple complex in Yogyakarta in Indonesia.


Credit: Veronique De Viguerie/ Getty Images

Completely haunted Louvre, Paris.

This is the largest art museum of the world. Normally, hundreds of people cover its plaza. The museum was closed since March 15 due to the virus outbreak.


Credit: Bandar Aldandani

The Grand Mosque of Mecca

This photo above shows the white-tiled area around the sacred Kaaba at Mecca’s Grand Mosque which is known as the holiest site of the Islamics. Low attendance was marked at Friday prayers due to protective measures implemented for the coronavirus.

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