MR.L (also known as 17) is a Beijing-based tattoo artist that makes stunning body art influenced by classical themes, animals, and pop-culture allusions. His meticulously produced graphics are so sharp that they nearly appear to be stickers on the skin.

By restricting his designs to one or two characters, MR.L produces this startling Pop Art impression. Geometric forms and strong black line art are also used to accomplish this. He confines the patterns and subtleties inside the topic and makes the tattoo stand out against the human flesh by outlining his images with a broad border.

He draws a range of animal-inspired artworks in addition to floral tattoos and paper cranes. Some of them such as his joyful cat series include floral themes inside the animal. Others, such sword-wielding geckos in robes and an alligator with a belt, have a more cartoonish appearance.

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MR.L, a tattoo artist located in Beijing, creates vibrant body art that is influenced by classical patterns as well as pop art inspirations.

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