I hope you can recognize a cactus plant just in a glace. Nowadays, snake plants are getting rather common and famous among the gardeners. So what about Trachyandra (say that five times fast) and Donkey tails? Have you heard of them? If you already have a lovely home garden full of the same type of the plants, I guess, now it’s time for you to have one of these and make a change.

1. Marimo Moss Balls

Live plants perform great roles in aquariums. These plants absorb toxic nitrates to give your animals a natural and a beautiful habitat to live in. But it’s sad to say that most of us don’t have green thumbs.

You needn’t confuse these moss balls with cheap stuff (Java wrapped around plastic or foam spheres). Marimo moss balls introduced here are small squishy balls of algae. And they look a lot like moss too.  The moss balls can be seen in the wild, rolling along the bottoms of rivers. The behaviour of these balls give them their round shape. The moss balls are known in Japan as charms. While some others treat them as pets.

2. Living Stones

The actual name of these living stones are Lithops. These look like stones as well as the cloven hooves. These plants are native plants of the deserts of South Africa. But you will be able to see these plants normally in garden centers and nurseries. Lithops resisist to survive in compacted, sandy soil with little water and highly hot temperatures. As these plants are a kind of plants which can easily grow a little knowledge on lithops will help you to know how it grows.

Living stones are relatively small plants. They rarely grow more than an inch above the surface of the soil. It only has 2 leaves. The thick leaves which are clustered together appear as greenish or grayish stones or else the cleft of an animal foot.

3. “Black” Succulents

Succulents are spreading on viral online. So that we thought not to have more succulent obsession with us. But, to our surprise we found the black succulents which took us to the world of the plant lovers. Guys, these black succulents are real and perfect! This is the home decor that you’ve been searching for.

It’s scientifically known as Sinocrassula yunnanensis. These have a density of rossetts. The plant carries pointed shaped leaves too. The leaves are dark greenish. Therefore the colour of the whole plant looks black than green. The pointed shaped leaves look similar to mini pine cones or hedgehogs.

4. Dolphin Succulents

This is the same type of a succulent plant which is very similar to the bunny succulent plants. Here you are treated with an amazing type of plant. Japanese have become very interested and keen on these plants due to a photo posted by someone online.

This is technically called the Senecio peregrinus. It has a bunch of small leaves that look like little dolphins jumping in the air. It’s really fantastic! Isn’t it? It will look very similar to dolphins if the vines get more and more long. I’m pretty sure that this will give an interesting adorable look for your home.

5. Hoya Kerrii

Only a few types of Hoya plants are found as ideal houseplants. Hoya kerrii is also known as the Sweetheart Plant and it’s considered as one of the above mentioned types of plants. It has become very famous throughout the past years. Sometimes maybe you are still struggling to find more about these plants and caring tips about them.

Actually, this plant type is similar to Lucky Bamboo. It’s also another plant which is very famous in the field of gardening. The propagation is a bit easy. Therefore the plant is grown and sold cheaply. The heart shaped fleshy leaves are really magical. It’s the best opportunity for the plant sellers. It’s due to the attraction of the buyer to the heart shaped leaf. It attracts any person who is interested in odd special plants or else a person who is interested in giving it to a friend or else the love partner.

6. Zig-Zag Cactus

This playful plant is very well known as the Fishbone Cactus rather than its original name Selenicereus Anthonyanus. It has a variety of nicknames with it. This is similar to the other cactus plants. But this significant cacti produce pinkish flowers. It requires a low maintenance too.

7. Trachyandra

Sometimes you might get the idea that this is a type of a pipe cleaner stuck into a pot of dirt and rocks. Absolutely, it’s not! This is real. This plant exists and it’s a native plant to Eastern and Southern Africa.

8. Rose Succulents

Hope you can remember the dolphin succulents and bunny succulents we’ve talked about earlier.I guarantee that you’ll love these rose succulents if you were interested in them.

The rose succulents are known as Greenovia Dodrentalis. As you can see in the image above it has curved layered petals which gives the plant a real look of roses. These plants are normally found in the Canary Islands. The uniqueness of the plants make us believe that it’s something from a fairytale. Trust me they are amazing! Keep on searching for more interesting images of the rose shaped succulents.

9. Crassula Umbella

Crassula plants are very easy to grow. Unfortunately, they very easily become the prey for the mealy bugs and fungal diseases. Too much of water will cause these succulents in fatality. Keep in mind to grow this plant in an area without too much dryness or wetness. Never keep your plant in water. If you intend to water this plant from beneath by keeping the plant to sit in a saucer of water, keep sure to pour excess amount of water after sometime. These plants can be very easily spread using a single leaf. If you want to try it place your plant leaf in a cacti mixture or a succulent. Cover it until the leaf sprouts.

10. Euphorbia Obesa

This is one of the largest set of succulent and woody plants. The plant is well adapted to hot, arid climates. Euphorbia is really a fantastic fancy houseplant. Euphorbia obesa is also known as baseball plant. It forms a ball-like segmented shape when it grows. It too requires a low maintenance. Go through these information to get to know how to grow a baseball euphorbia plant.