Usually we are not much aware of our body language even though it suggests so much about a character of a person and the things that the person himself might not know of.

Minute differences of gestures of a person can elaborate big differences just like patting on somebody’s back which shows friendliness but touching somebody’s lower back area suggests romantic attraction.

Excitingly, analyzing body language is able to reveal so much about the relationship of yours. According to your feelings you might think the relationship is great and on the other hand the partner might feel other way round. Body language can be used to investigate this.

These tricks of body language will enable you to identify the status of relationship you have with your partner irrespective of how long the relationship has been.

1. Suggestive Gaze

Through the intense eye contact of the other person you can find out if he or she is interested in you. Girls are cleverer in reading body language than boys. Even though they are comparatively shy, they are capable of identifying the gestures more than the rest.

2. Placement of Feet

The way you keep your feet suggests much about the attraction of yours towards someone. They will point their feet towards you while sitting or standing if they are truly into you and it suggests that you are their full attention.

3. The Distance between You and Them

The closeness of a person while standing near you while talking suggests a whole lot about their interest in you. Irrespective of the duration of your relationship, the distance of standing will always hint you whether they are still into you or not.

4. Movements of Head

According to Science of People, you can be sure of your partner’s interest in you if he tilts the head while talking to you since it is a sign of interest and attention. If you are interested in someone, tilt your head while looking at him/her.

5. Classic PDA

Holding the hands of each other while having a walk outside or having dinner is a good sign of affection and engagement which shows that they are into them. According to Glamour’s article he wrote about holding hands while having dinner is unnatural to be seen but it’s their own way.

6. They are interested in your smile

If you are interested in someone and making him or her laugh means the mutual interest of both of you. According to Psychology Today, humour can play a big role in good relationships. Cracking a joke in public and watching to see if only you laughing has a big meaning in the relationship.

7. Their smiles are directly at you

When it comes to men, if they seem to smile freely and widely towards you they are into you without any doubt. When posing for a photograph with you, if he smiles wide, it suggests that the relationship is great and it is indeed a success.

8. Posture

A huge difference can be made using postures of the body too. If a man stands up when a girl they like walks up to him, it says that he is into you without any doubt. The slight changes of postures can be of noticeably different meanings.