There are different types of people who love the sound of the pouring droplets of rain. Most of them think that the raindrops are curing and romantic. Some others feel the smell of the rain very pleasant. However it’s very nice to have a walk in the rain to get our minds relaxed and fresh. 

The smell of the rain was given a name as Petrichor by two Australian scientists in the 1960s.

This special scent of the rain is released due to the combination of the oils released by the plants, chemicals released by the bacteria in soil and ozone created when lightning and converted into nitric oxide.

The rainy days are indeed the best to enjoy and relax getting rid of the stress and gloominess inside us.

In addition to the stress relief, walking in the rain offers 7 other benefits as well.

  1. The smell of it refreshes the mind 
  2. The skin and hair is kept moisturized due to the high humidity. And also the rain water is great for the skin and scalp.  
  3. The researchers from Japan found that engaging in exercises in cold and rainy weather is more effective to burn more calories and fats than in a normal day.  
  4. As the rain drops absorb dust and microbes, the atmosphere is purified too.  
  5. As all of us know by experience walk in rain indeed gives a feeling of breaking a rule.  
  6. We can see our personal issues in different angle by going on a walk during rain.  
  7. Only a limited number of people walk in the rain. Anyway the deep feelings and thoughts are set up free when walking in the rain too.

Therefore don’t miss the chance, keep in mind to go out and have a walk to enjoy the spirit of your life!

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