The world famous notorious Krakatoa volcano has just erupted all of a sudden this Friday. It has released a large plume of ash which went for about 9 miles far to the atmosphere.

The loud eruption of the volcano has been heard  by the residents of the city Jakarta of Indonesia at about 11 o’ clock in the night. They had heard this loud noise far from about 90 miles. The pictures taken from a webcam in a nearby region shows a huge flow of lava released by the volcano.

This eruption is noticed as the most powerful one since December of 2018. That particular eruption was able to produce a destructive tsunami which killed more than 400 people who were on the coastal areas of western Java and southeastern Sumatra.

The eruption in 1883 reported a huge explosion that was 10,000 times stronger than the atomic bomb that was dropped on the city of Hiroshima. This cursed eruption had the potential to kill about 36,000 people and it destroyed a lot of villages too. The ash released by the eruption travelled as far as Europe. The studies which were carried on later, showed that the global temperature could get lowered for years after such a big exploitation.