It is a known fact from long time ago, that humans are very intelligent, frequently guessed as the most intelligent. Somehow, can there be anything else way more intelligent than us, human beings? A considerable amount of people thinks that it’s true. But What is it?

What is known as more intelligent than humans?

A research which was done last year (2018) states that Dolphins can be considered as highly intelligent animals, in other words there can be situations in which they may exceed human brain. Self – awareness is one of them. A mirror – self recognition (MSR) test was used as a study and the test subject was given a mirror, and it tested the duration which took them or it to recognize themselves.

If we consider human babies, they cannot recognize themselves until they are nearly 12 months of age. But on the other hand, at the age of seven months, Bottlenose dolphins can recognize themselves. Also to obtain a variety of test results, the test was conducted on both male as well as female.

They can do way more than any human being could ever think of. They also have the ability to make personalized whistles which can be observed as their equivalent of names for contrasting individuals of their pod. They have no issue in communicating with each other as well as they can solve complicated issues. Some human beings think that these dolphins should be treated as humans due to there high intelligence.

What was stated in the report?

Here you can see a small quotation selected from the report about the dolphins;

“We exposed two young bottlenose dolphins to an underwater mirror and analyzed video recordings of their behavioral responses over a 3-year period. Here we report that both dolphins exhibited MSR, indicated by self-directed behavior at the mirror, at ages earlier than generally reported for children and at ages much earlier than reported for chimpanzees. The early onset of MSR in young dolphins occurs in parallel with their advanced sensorimotor development, complex and reciprocal social interactions, and growing social awareness. Both dolphins passed subsequent mark tests at ages comparable with children. Thus, our findings indicate that dolphins exhibit self-awareness at a mirror at a younger age than previously reported for children or other species tested.

Dolphins have both been here longer than us, and have much larger brains than us. We can learn a lot from these animals whether we seem them as our equals or not. They should be studied and tested further to see what they are really capable of. A TedEd talk video on dolphins can be seen below which explains how smart dolphins really are.”

In my point of view, this is actually astonishing news! I don’t think that dolphins will be coming out of water and taking over humans place anytime close but I do believe that there is more about them than what we know and they must be treated as they deserve.

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