What’s more interesting than taking a sip out of a mermaid tail shot glass? Sometimes, taking one out of a Himalayan shot glass which is made from salt. What if we combine both of these together? Those would be really amazing cups which turn into mini galaxies when a clear liquid is added.

It is similar to how the galaxy bath bomb turns your bathtub into a galaxy when used. These amazing, unique cups give you a chance to drink the juices of the galaxy with each sip you take out of them. The designer of these galaxy cups is the Japanese artist Hiromi Sato. She sells them in her shop named Sansaku.

“The universe that expands when you pour it”

The cups are named “Sora COCORO ” by the designer. These cups are  made using a stainless steel tumbler along with Sato’s unique paint and texture. The blend of all these gives the up an incredible design. They finish designing cups by adding a lacquer coat. They also top it off with gold dust to get the starry look of it. Finally, the design is obviously seen and amplified once you pour in the clear liquids such as water, vodka, tea, and more.

These special galaxy cups are made in Japan. They can hold up to 1.25 oz of liquid while each cup measures 2 inches in height. It’s not mentioned how many cups you get with your purchase, but maybe you’ll get 2 or 4 galaxy cups.

The Japanese galaxy cups have become very famous during this time period. She said that she has sold out a large number of them in the designer’s shop. She said (translated):

“We have received many inquiries from customers, but the production is not on time. Due to the nature of the work, time must be received before delivery. Please wait until the situation where you can resume sales here.”

“This is because the quantity that can be manufactured is extremely small and there are too many inquiries. We will sell a very limited quantity here for the sake of prioritizing the production that Satomi Hiromi will exhibit at the Lexus Takumi Connection venue in Kyoto at the end of November.”

Perhaps, you’re interested and just thinking about the extremely expensive price for these cups now. Try to only assume the price comparing the long time for her to create the unique designs onto each cup.

See more of the designs in action in the video below.