Flowers have been able to fascinate people all around since they are best known to symbolize love, purity and beauty with the elegance and delicacy. Orchids are known to be one of the most well-known flowers in every nook and corner of the world. More than 30,000 orchid varieties are found in the world.

But, the flowers which resemble monkeys are unique among the others due to the stamens and low petals!

It is surely a perfect idea for the lovers of animals and flowers.

This Monkey Orchid which grows in an altitude of 2,000 feet, is found in the forests of Peru and southeastern Ecuador.


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Name: Orchid simia ‘monkey orchid’ 🐒 Beautiful 👌🏻📷: @keroshita_kerori

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Orchid Simia or Dracula Simia (monkey dragon) is another name given by the botanist Carlyle A. Lueren in 1978, because of the resemblance of them to simians.

About 118 different varieties of these orchids can be seen in Central America, Peru, Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador. However, half the 118 were found in Ecuador.

Dracula gigas and Dracula amaliae are the most famous types among the varieties. Although they have monkey faces similar to each other, each one has a different shape and colour.

The perfect fragrance of these monkey orchids are similar to the scent of fresh oranges. The significance of these orchids is that they can bloom during any time in the year.

The orchids would grow upto 2 feet in height if they are given the conditions such as colder temps, high humidity and low light.

These tips will be helpful to you to learn how to maintain these orchids at home:

  • The container in which you plant the orchids should have a drainage hole. Don’t forget to place a saucer beneath the container to keep the moisture of soil throughout.
  • You can place a mulch layer of 2-4 inches if you need to save the moisture without evaporation.
  • The orchids should be never opened to direct sunlight. It requires moderate sunlight.
  • Remove the faded ones to stimulate and to enhance the beauty of the fresh flowers.

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