The rufous-crested coquette (Lophornis Delattre) is a South American hummingbird that is only found on the tropical slopes of the Pacific coast. Due to its small size and population, it is a rare sight even within its area. Males are distinguished by their rufous-colored spiky crests, while females are distinguished by their diminutive size and rufous-colored foreheads. The Rufous-crested Coquette is a notable birders’ favorite (Trochilidae).

Coquettes are among the tiniest members of the hummingbird family, and their flight is sometimes characterized as “beelike,” leading to them being mistaken for flying insects!

The rufous-crested coquette hummingbird has a crown-like no other with a fairytale-like appearance. This hummingbird is one-of-a-kind thanks to its crown and beautiful plumage.

Scroll down to watch this adorable and stunning bird flying around in its natural surroundings, unashamedly enjoying its female maybe nature.

With its vivid green neck patch and white feathers, this hypnotizing bird is a sight to see.

Image source: Thinh Bui
Image source: Juan Carlos Vindas
Image source: Oleg Chernyshov

The female may be a little duller than the male, which is typical with birds. She lacks the orange crest and green throat that distinguishes her from other colorful hummingbirds.

Image source: Oleg Chernyshov
Image source: hawk person
Image source: Jean Paul Perret
Image source: Oleg Chernyshov
Image source: Dustin Chen

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