Are you a person who avoids others and spends time relaxing until it’s your meal time? If so, certainly you are a bush viper.

I was surprised and positive at the very first time I got to know about the spiny bush viper. I got the feeling that this snake is very similar to a fictional dragon in stories. This feeling is due to its scales on the body.

To our surprise these snakes are absolutely real.

The scientific name of the bush viper is Atheris. The genus of this species is “bush viper”. These snakes are very rare and they are only found in tropical sub-saharans Africa. Although it’s investigated that these snakes live in Congo, Uganda and Kenya, they are hardly seen as they avoid human locations. Due to this reason the number of these snakes are not yet defined.

They grow to about 23-29 inches in length. Although they aren’t the largest snakes found in the world they needn’t be that large to make an injury to someone.

These snakes spend most of their time up in high branches in trees, seeking prey. These nocturnal snakes know the way to find their meals in an easy way.

It’s really a good thing these snakes avoid humans for any reason. Do you guys know the fact that these bush vipers are highly venomous? The high venom of these snakes have made us unable to find an antivenom for it too.

These bush vipers are eye catching species. They can be seen in different colours such as green, olive green, bluish colours and brownish colours. These snakes are significant and unique when spotted on eye.

Here are the most attractive and beautiful bush snakes found in the world.

Have a glance at the scales. The scales are beyond the normal beauty. They are perfect.

A lot of different types of hues can be seen in some species. They vary in colour shades such as green, brown, red and blue.

Don’t you get the feeling of seeing a fictional dragon when you see the creatures?

Even if you dislike snakes and if they are disgusting to you, I bet you surely will admit that these snakes are marvellous in their way. However let’s wish these beautiful and dangerous snakes to avoid humans for another long time.