The cyber cop Susan McLean warns giving her message to refuse “TikTok”, the massive video mania app among the children and teenagers which is on Mount.

In the present world it’s very much needed for us to be aware about our safety when engaged in online stuff. As we are adults and have experiences in our lives most of us look and understand this issue very well. Therefore we know how to live and see life from a different angle. Unfortunately when thinking of our youngsters, they are still experiencing their lives. So it’s our duty to protect and show the correct way for them. Adults have to show the kids how to behave and the boundaries and what to share online.

TikTok’s Terms Are Likely To Support Pedophiles

Each and every app has an age limit of the people who can reach it. TikTok is one of the social media apps which is available for everyone over 13 years. We can make short videos, share and post using TikTok. As the freedom of this app reaches it maximum, pedophiles are given full freedom to get attracted to children.

As TikTok gives less regard to this fact we should take every single step to get protected and protect our children too.  What do the children of 13 years know about the world? Therefore TikTok is a less protective app for children. TikTok has a blank idea about the security of the users. Simply, they promote pedophiles.

Even if the user or the kid tries to set his or her account private, TikTok still gives access to anyone who requests to view the content of the account.

TikTok is very similar to snapchat but is very famous in terms of traffic. Therefore not only the maniacs feel attracted but also the kids are surprised.

The UK finds that TikTok is the worst dream of a parent as it gives bad online experiences. Kids are often sexually harassed and bullied due to this.

Tiktok’s Actions Are Likely To Support Pedophiles

Not only the terms of TikTok but also the moderators seem to have soft hearts towards the child abusers. Sexually explicit comments were displayed on a video posted by 9 years old kids recently. The comments were deleted within 24 hours when reported. But the predators still survive in it.

Although sexually explicit messages are banned according to the terms of TikTok, they still wait for others to report such situations. Is this worth it? Why don’t they take action against the offenders? Why are they favouring these disgusting public actions? They too seem not to adhere to their own policies. They promote everyone to move on according to their wish. However as adults make sure, advise your child and be aware that your children won’t share any of their personal details such as name, age, school, address and phone numbers to strangers through TikTok.

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