A peculiar statement has been issued by Professor John Hyatt, at the very least. According to his reports he had come into contact in the past with multiple peculiar creatures that was never reported by any scholars and according to them such creatures do not exist.

Making such a statement is always an invitation to trouble since most of the public start shunning you down and mocking instantly. But the only method of survival in such a situation is to be equipped with hard earned evidence, as John had done.

According to his claim, a whole civilization of fairies lives in the English countryside of Rossendale and also it is proven by some of his photographs which he has brought in.

He said that the physical appearance of these fairies are very much similar to us and only the size of the body which differs and other than that we are identical to one another.

Not only he is with these proofs but also a woman called Phyllis Bacon has captured an instant photograph of a living fairy who has been flying around her garden in New Addington, Southern London in 2009.

Yet there’s no end for this, Frances Griffiths has made a report about falling into a stream while at play surrounding these fairies in. As per most of these reports, it is indeed an impossible fact that their resistance due to the temptation, and if they demand something you cannot ignore.

How do you feel? Watch the following video and make us aware.