The unexpected increase on the beaches in the US.

The experts in Texas have witnessed a considerable increase in the number of Blue Dragon sea slugs or glaucus atlanticus on the beaches in Texas. The number of blue dragons have increased unprecedentedly in 2020 when compared to the last 50 years. The civilians found 4 novel specimens within several minutes. But, yet the marine biologists couldn’t find a clear reason for this.

The bright blue neon forms were discovered in 1777 and were classified together with gastropods (seaborne slugs). All of them were categorized under the family ‘Glaucidae’. However, one thing has made these creatures highly rare when compared to most of the other animals. The individuals of this species are neither female nor male. Both the individuals produce eggs after mating. Is it real? Another peculiar defense mechanism allows them to absorb the stinging cells of other animals. Stinging cells such as the infamous ‘Portuguese Man ‘o War jellyfish. And also they have the ability to create the worst sting of the ocean by combining the absorbed ones with their venom. Therefore, it can cause potentially life-threatening fever, severe nausea and respiratory problems to man.

Rare features hint at some unobserved factors

The creatures of this species can be found in the waters surrounding Peru and India and the scientists expect that they were highly prized in old days. And also some believe that they were revered as sacred. Even though they are rare creatures, they appear in large crowds when they come out. Biological analysis has become able to understand little about inter-individual communication and social behavior. These insights mean that communication is achieved by means other than the five senses of man. And also the specific features of them such as wave-like fore tentacles are still unknown.

Strange creatures, amidst strange tides

However, the officials have paid less attention to these creatures. Therefore the civilians in the region observe these creatures without awareness about the sting in them.

The evidence has shown the possibility to handle the animals without any protective equipment. But still there’s an uncertainty of the warning of the Americans to avoid scrutiny of these types of strange creatures. The deep ocean in which there’s no human interference is home for a vast number of sea creatures that look alien to humans. However, the unique features regarding their reproduction and offensive capabilities have made us quite hard to comprehend the sentience of the creatures. But all these things have made us understand how wide the world of the ocean is.