“Parents shouldn’t be friends with children”, this is the idea of most of the people in the world. But it’s something special so that won’t matter. If children have good inter-relationships with their mother they will become best friends. It doesn’t care whether the children are young or old. 

You may not see your mother as the best friend right now. But you will realize it when you lose your mom. When she’s gone you’ll realize how honest she was to you. When reflecting on myself, my mom is my best friend. Some of you might get a bit weird but this relationship is okay to ones who maintain very affectionate and positive connections with moms.

We got closer when I grew older. The hidden things inside me were easily discussed with my mom. Both of us are very open and friendly to each other. We could share most of the things in our lives. The level of how much we care about each other is incomparable. Now I have been realising how much trouble I made on her, today I’m very sorry for my misbehaviour.

 She is the one and only person whom I can call in the middle of the night. Her love has no conditions and I too love her unconditionally. Not anyone in the world would worry about us like our moms. For me, my mom is the best ever friend and the most precious gift from god.

Unfortunately, most of us won’t realize this. But when she’s finally gone, We realize it and it will hurt us so much. We will be too late to take care of our moms. Moms are the ones who took us to this world. They are the reasons for us to stand right here like this. She has helped us in so many situations and she used to spend time with us even if she was busy. She made us smile.

She was always there beside you whenever you had breakups and whenever you fell off your bike. She was always there with you on call. Moms gave us the best things they had and even now they expect us to live a very good life. If you are in trouble she will come to help you, guide you and comfort you. She will help you in the best way she can. She deserves some acknowledgment.

You have to respect your mother as your best friend above all. She isn’t just a girl or a co-worker or a person who is hanging here and there and leaving you behind when you are in trouble. She is the only person who has been steadily by your side while experiencing a lot of pains on her. She will always think of your good will and the only expectation of her is to see your success. Perhaps she is a bit changed now, as you are growing older and as she’s getting up there in age. But her love for you will never change, it will last long until her last breath in this world.