It’s no secret that people with high intelligence occupy more success in daily lifebetter education, better professions as well as a better social circle and a standardYet, most of them are incapable to experience happiness in their lives. Well, what reason lies behind this?

First reason is their cruel tendency to analyze each and every aspect of their lives more.

They rarely accept things in the same way they are. And also they rarely have positive views regarding them. Instead, they will over analyze all the aspects until the last bit and come across things that are really distressing. Overthinking lies as a huge burden behind them and it makes us approve the phrase Ignorance is bliss.”

Secondly, they have very high standards with them.

Intelligent people are well aware about what they want and what they can do, therefore, this attitude of reaching high standards never allows them to settle for less.

Third, they act as their own harsh judge.

They have too rude theories and punishments on them. They always try to over analyze their behaviour. Thus they are never content with what they achieve.

Fourth, reality is often boring for them.

It’s true that they can understand the deeper structures and the meaning of life, but  they aren’t capable of remaining patient until they find them. Unlike other normal people, they won’t be happy with the small joys of life. They always want more. Unfortunately, they are unable to get them all the time.

Fifth, they try to find communication and the understanding that they may not always receive.

To be understood by someone is really an important feeling of comfort. You will often experience an extreme tension which can never be understood by the ones around you when you are engaged in work with deep complexity. As a result of this, you will start to feel extreme feelings of loneliness.

Sixth, a lot of people with higher IQ often suffer from psychological problems.

Some of the common cases found among people with high intelligence are social anxiety and bipolar syndrome. The most often one among all these is the extreme depression which comes as a result of overthinking.