Have you ever heard about or seen bobcats? It’s hard to see bobcats during daylight as they are nocturnal and elusive. Fortunately, today we’re going to amaze the wild feline fans who are present with us by giving you an incredible footage of a bobcat.

This was filmed on Pecan Island in Louisiana. The video shows a bobcat leaping across the weir without any effort. This is quite similar to a scene in a movie. The bobcat seems to prepare itself right prior to the jump and it reaches the other side which it wants to go just in one move.

I’m pretty sure that you’ll be amazed with the great leap which it takes in mid air. Perhaps you’d get the feeling to try it at home. But leave that idea from your mind as it’s quite a dangerous task for you to try. And also I hope you understood that there’s only one Olympic gold medal winner for this event.

This amazing video which shows the bobcat taking a huge flight has made others spell bound.

Photo credits: ViralHog

A conversation was carried out with Laurel Serieys, a wildlife biologist at University of Cape Town and project coordinator at Urban Caracal Project, to get to know about the other long distance jumpers same as these bobcats. There he says,“ ‘bobcats can easily jump several meters’ and many smaller cats about their size can do it too”.

In this accidental incident, “the bobcat is trying to avoid getting wet, and given what agile athletic animals they are, jumping across the bridge is not too difficult,” said Laurel. Perhaps the bobcat might be hunting for some prey. “We’ve seen bobcats hunting near water for water fowl, so perhaps it was hunting nearby and trying to get from one side of the water to the other.”

Laurel said that the bobcat has an ability of jumping far distances than this tirelessly. Laurel shared “if they are jumping across something, their leap can reach 6 meters.”