The USA currently has approximately 50 trails which are no longer in use as railway tracks have now been converted into paths of multi-use.

The railway tracks which have once earned glory at its peak, have been forgotten and abandoned by people are now being revived to be back in their own place in the 21st century.

Rail biking provides a novel experience to explore outdoors uniquely with an adventure full of amazement and delight. To the ones who enjoy nature.

The USA has approximately about 50 railways which have not been in use and they have been now converted into multi-usable paths, which provides opportunities for cycling, snowmobiling and horse riding.

The legendary Skunk Train railroad of the USA has been in operation since 1885 until March 2019. It had once been the only travelling method used by the visitors to reach the majestic and legendary redwood forest.

The Skunk Train was used by the generations of young and old for the enjoyment of the fascination of the trees in this forest.

The Redwood Forests are located from a distance of 3 hours north of San Francisco along the Pacific coast and it is one of the richest sources a nature lover could ever explore. There is a wonderful route of Skunk Train railbike which goes through the redwoods.

These custom-made rail bikes are with two seats and are operated with power pedals. The bikes are to be guaranteed never to be met with any traffic of the trains or any other vehicles during their journey. The bikes have electric motors of low noise which does not harm the peaceful surroundings of the forest.

This trip is glorious and calm with 1.5 to 2 hour duration starting at Fort Bragg from where the tracks go up to the serene Pudding Creek and then go across the wooden trestle bridges with the continuation until Mendocino County, which lies in the middle of the ancient redwoods, that was estimated to have trees of 1,000 years which reaches of 300 ft in the height.

Pedalling through railroads is able to provide freedom to experience the beauty of the surroundings amazingly.  The feeling of cheerfulness throughout the journey to look around, slow down, take snapshots and explore are much more than what you get from any other mode of transport. You are free to observe so many birds, including blue herons and osprey and also deer, otters and turtles close by to the rivers which flow through the forest. And if it is the peak berry season, a bear which is enjoying a feast of berries can also be seen.

When you reach half way of the journey, you come across the Glen Blair Junction, the spot of greatness to relax yourself by enjoying the picnic and to stroll into the forest of redwoods. You will feel the cool and comfortable breeze with an experience of the divine nature of the woods, and the short trip Fort Bragg would quickly come to the end but definitely with a whole lot of fantastic memories and stunning photographs, which demands you of another trip to the same destination.

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