Everyone knows that humans and animals normally have a close relationship. Although people love animals, do all of them come forward to rescue the life of an animal taking a risk. Here’s one such hero. This person undergoes several hard moments to save the life of a poor animal.

The man related to this is Rick Swope. He visited the newly opened chimpanzee zoo in Detroit with his wife and the three kids. They were to have a lot of fun during their visit. After a time they went to see the chimps of Harambe exhibit to enjoy the chimpanzee games the next. However their day was filled with an unexpected excitement at the end of that day.

Two of the chimpanzees were fighting inside the exhibit near water and the younger chimpanzee JoJo ran up on to trees and letting the bigger and older aggressive one behind him.

At last JoJo was caught by the bigger chimpanzee and at last during his effort to escape, JoJo fell into water. By the way, did you know that chimpanzees can’t swim? He was in need of support. The only way to save him was to a person to jump into water.

No reactions were taken at first by anyone in the crowd. JoJo, the poor little chimp drowned at once. Then he appeared once back. Unfortunately he drowned once again. A quick reaction was urgent.

The staff of the zoo didn’t take any action to save poor JoJo. But, this brave man Rick decided to risk himself to save it. He crossed the enclosure while the staff warned him not to as these wild apes could be arrogant and territorial. But he took no care.

He swam to JoJo and took it onto his left arm. He held it tightly and tried to come out of the water. JoJo was blank and confused and frightened that he was tightly onto Rick’s arm.

Rick gave JoJo a push to keep him back on grass. Rick made sure that JoJo is safe there and it wouldn’t fall back into water again.

“When I finally got him up the bank and I could hold him up there, he wasn’t moving,” Rick later shared with Animal Planet. “He was lifeless, but he was looking at me when I got him turned around, so I knew he was alive.”

At the end JoJo was totally safe and Rick had to face a new challenge. He was on threat! He had to worry and take care of himself. Even the zoo experts refused to enter the territory but this hero unhesitantly crossed it.  Now he was at the heart of the chimpanzee territory. An ape was following his way.

Rick swam to the edge as fast as he could and climbed out of the ape territory. He’s a real world hero as he saved poor JoJo who was struggling with life.

“Everyone in the whole place was just standing around and watching this monkey drown,” he said to the Desert News. “When he went down the second time I knew I had to do something.”

Bravery and immediate response of Rick makes him a real hero. He didn’t think twice to get the risk and save the poor chimpanzee. Instead, he jumped into water to rescue the animal. This really should be appreciated. This is actually a heart felt incident and we’re thankful that both JoJo and Rick are back safe! Hope this will make the bond between humans and animals more tight.